The Impact of Local Businesses and Organizations on Politics in Columbia, Maryland: An Expert's Perspective

The Department of Comprehensive and Community Planning (DCCP) works with local communities to create plans for great places. This involves collaborating with DPZ staff, other state and county agencies, and residents and their elected officials. These plans provide a comprehensive overview of the area and offer opportunities for sustainable, vibrant, healthy, and active communities in Howard County. Unfortunately, corruption is becoming increasingly common in this type of anocracy, leading to a political and economic landscape that favors certain companies and families.

A recent study that examined more than 1000 political parties from 163 countries found that the current Republican Party is much closer to authoritarian populist parties such as Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Alliance in Hungary and the Justice and Development Party in Turkey than to the majority conservative parties, like the Christian Democratic Union in Germany or the Conservative Party in Canada. In the 1990s, militias were growing fastest not in rural areas but in suburbs, where second-home owners from urban areas were moving into culturally conservative but previously unpoliticized communities. This rapid growth and different norms caused resentment among locals. Accountability is essential for determining what is considered acceptable political and social behavior. Democratic organizations must recognize that democracy cannot remain abstract but must be embodied by addressing the real needs of people in their localities.

To reverse the alienating policies of the left, which are deepening polarization, static identities, and competitive victimization, I suggest tactics that will lead many Americans away from extremism. Liberals in purple and red districts often keep their political views secret to avoid potential threats against their families. Politics in the country has changed drastically since previous decades, leaving many Americans unaware of how much it has changed. Most people who commit acts of organized political violence are married, middle-class men with children, jobs, and involvement in church or community groups. Judicial decisions that favor political corruption further erode trust in democracy.

Allowing politicians to choose their constituents reduces trust in the system and increases the number of secure seats that boost extreme candidates. Waiting times at voting centers are disproportionately urban and belonging to minorities. However, these waiting times do not always have a political purpose; they occur in both blue and red states. Technical improvements can help manage lines without getting involved in partisan battles. The impact of local businesses and organizations on politics in Columbia, Maryland is significant. It is essential for citizens to be aware of how their local government works so they can make informed decisions about who they vote for.

It is also important for citizens to understand how their local businesses are influencing politics so they can hold them accountable for any unethical behavior. Additionally, citizens should be aware of any potential corruption or unfair practices that may be occurring within their local government so they can take action if necessary.

Douglas Bigby
Douglas Bigby

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